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Wish List

Tiffany & ShiloSunCatcher Therapeutic Riding Academy is funded primarily from donations, fundraising events, grants and corporate gifts. The fee we charge of our riders/families for service does not begin to cover our costs. We must rely on the generosity of donors to help defray the cost of our therapeutic program ­ donations of time, equipment and money are greatly appreciated (and tax deductible!).

Volunteers are needed to assist with side walking, lead lining, instructing, grooming/tacking, fundraising, office work, and grant writing. Volunteer professional consultants are being sought in various fields.

Volunteers are always welcome!

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at (605) 939-4907.

If you would like to donate equipment or money contact us at (605) 939-4907.

Things We Need...            


  • HAY
  • Feed Tubs, Water Buckets, Water Tanks, Hay Nets, Trailer Ties.  Used is just fine…
  • Barn/Hay Cart, Wheelbarrow, Apple-Pickers/Manure Forks.    Also, Saddle Soap & “Leather-New” cleaner.
  • Horse-Care Products: Salt Bricks/Blocks, Vitamin/Mineral Conditioner, Joint & Allergy Supplements, Fly Repellent & Masks, Horse Shampoo & Conditioner, Coat Shine – New or whatever you have left over...
  • Child-size Pony Brushes, 10” – 13” Pony Saddlesfor our little Buckaroos.
  • Veterinary Services (Teeth-Floating); Farrier Services (Horseshoes &/or Nails).
  • Saddle Racks - Standing, Hanging &/or Folding, Wheeled Saddle Caddy.  Hoses / Hose Caddy.
  • Neoprene Girths/Cinches (24”-36”), Latigos, Billets, Flag Boots.


  • Poles, Cavalletti, Ground Poles / Jump Rails (have standards), SD Flag, Cones, Mounting Blocks / Steps.
  • Fencing Materials: Posts, Rails, Smooth Wire, Weld-Wire, Panels, Gates, Gate Latches/Chains.  
  • Large Round Bale Hay Feeders.   Large Hay (hauling) Trailer.   Weed Whip.
  • Arena Toys & Games:  Colored Arena Markers, Balls, Arena Clock w/ large numbers, Thermometer.
  • Motor Oil, Tires (used or new) for Horse Trailer and/or Truck
  • Bobcat or Skidloader


  • Any left-over / unused Office Supplies:  envelopes, paper, labels, file folders, Velcro, etc. 
  • 3-Ring Binders (used is fine) for program, card stock, scissors, colored markers, crayons, Glue Dots.
  • Paper Cutter.  3-Ring Hole Punch.   Professional Color Copier.
  • First Aid Kits; Fire Extinguishers; Bottled Water.    Batteries, Flashlights
  • File Cabinet(s), Stacking File Baskets, Desk Mats – Any Used Office Furniture.


  • PA System; Portable FM Instructor System…
  • Storage Pantry (with shelves & doors), Plastic/Rubber Storage Bins with lids, Heavy-duty Canvas Tent (Army surplus), Large Crockpots/Cookers, Chairs, Tables.   
  • Ribbons, Used Trophies.  Also, Costumes for Horse Shows.


  • Trainers/Experienced Riders to school our younger mounts.  Also, Retirement Homes for the “old faithful.”
  • VOLUNTEERS! VOLUNTEERS!!   For Arena, Stable, Office and Events!



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