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SunCatcher Therapeutic Riding Academy, Inc. [STRA] is a non-profit organization [501(c)(3) charitable status] providing equine-assisted activity and therapy programs for children, teens, and adults with special needs.


About the SunCatcher Program...

SunCatcher Therapeutic Riding Academy is a non-profit organization providing therapeutic riding services to people with disabilities. We are a PATH member and adhere to their national guidelines for quality therapeutic riding services. A physician’s referral and/or appropriate release agreements are required. Frequently Asked Questions

During the beginning years, we provided sessions at The Barn and the Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City and a mobile unit went to Northern and Southern Satellites in Spearfish and Custer. We now have a site available to us east of Rapid City. What a relief it is to have a site for sessions and to call home for our horses and equipment. Hauling is now not the nightmare that it once was. In spring of 2015 we moved our offices to the site also.

Our horses are gentle, well trained, experienced and have been conditioned to the necessary equipment and commotion associated with this type of riding program. Experienced instructors and trained volunteers are dedicated to making this a safe, educational and joyous experience for every rider.

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A Little bit of History...

Setting up a Therapeutic Riding Center is a dream we have had for many years.  We love working with horses and appreciate the amazing ability they have of reaching and helping people.   Testimony after testimony of miraculous physical and emotional healing due to the calm, understanding presence of the horse, fill the media.  In our own lives, we had experienced bits of that magic and dreamed to share that with others.  As we began to put SunCatcher together, we began to experience many small miracles and divine interventions.  All of the right people, with all of the right experiences and abilities, came together at just the right time to build this dream. That dream became SunCatcher Therapeutic Riding Academy in 2001.

Therapeutic riding began in Europe over 50 years ago with a spark of intuitive wisdom with a small group of enthusiastic equestrians who had vision, as well as compassion. Over several decades, therapeutic riding has grown from a backyard experiment to an established treatment method that is recognized by medical, psychiatric and social service professionals worldwide. In the US, quality of programming and accreditation for over 400 centers is monitored by PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship), a non-profit service organization dedicated to promoting therapeutic riding. Visit for more information on therapeutic riding.


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