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Ranch Rodeo - October 5, 2018

To purchase tickets for the Ranch Rodeo:

Click on the Donate Button below.

When you get to PayPal, you can pay from your regular PayPal Account or use a credit card.

Calculate your total using the prices below for adults and children (10 and under).
Enter the total amount for your tickets as the donation amount.
Then click on the "Add special instructions to SunCatcher" button and type in how many adult tickets and how many kids tickets you want.
Fill in your other information including phone # and email.
We'll send an email confirmation and will hold your tickets at the window to be picked up the day of the event.

Ticket prices:
      $20 per person (12 years and older)
      $10 for under 12 years old        



We will get your name/address from the PayPal payment.
Tickets will NOT be mailed, but we will have tickets at the window to be picked up. Print a copy of your donation receipt to bring to pickup tickets.